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Digital star cultures – Transmedia narratives of individuals on the web

How are cultural patterns exchanged between varying communication contexts? The subproject 'Digital Star Cultures – Transmedia Narratives of Individuals on the Web’ takes a close look at forms of individual self-presentation that SNPS (Social Network Platforms) has made available to large user groups.

Das Teilprojekt "Digitale Starkulturen – Transmediale Narrative der Person im Internet" betrachtet Formen der individuellen Selbstinszenierung

The newly devised strategies and methods of 'self-presentation for everyone' also adopt elements of familiar star aesthetics, which – having been the reserve of a privileged few thus far – are now becoming democratically available and being recontextualised. Thus, as media signs are being reframed, new cultural patters are emerging that are not only influenced by contemporary factors but also show traces of historical strategies of presentation.
Using digitalised star postcards from the 1930s, the study combines semiotic methods and methods of digital image processing and examines how these postcards correlate with contemporary forms of self-presentation, including selfies.

Research supervisor

Professor Oliver Decker

Professor Oliver Decker

conducts research in modern German literature and media semiotics

What cultural patterns do people use online to present themselves?

What cultural patterns do people use online to present themselves?

Professor Dr. Oliver Decker has held the Chair of Modern German Literature/Media Semiotics at the University of Passau since 2011. He has been chairman of the German Semiotic Society (DGS) from 2014 until 2017.

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