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eHumanities and Compliance

The computer-assisted, systematic semantic analysis of a vast variety of digital multimedia data is a true challenge for the humanities/social sciences - not only in technical terms. It also touches many legal issues, primarily with regard to copyright, but also in connection with privacy and IT security.

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Which aspects of copyright and personality rights are relevant when collecting and processing multimodal digital data? Is there currently any need for clarification and regulation that could be addressed by research at PACE ? These are the questions PACE applies itself to in the centre's practical research work under the umbrella theme 'eHumanities and Compliance'.

Research supervisor

Professor Dirk Heckmann

Professor Dirk Heckmann

conducts research in IT law

Which data merits protection and why?

Which data merits protection and why?

Professor Dirk Heckmann holds the Chair of Law and Security of Digitization at the Technical University of Munich and heads the Research Centre for IT Law and Network Policy at the University of Passau. He is also a member of the federal government's Data Ethics Commission and serves, among other functions, as a constitutional judge in the Bavarian Constitutional Court. From 1998 to 2019 he held the Chair of Public Law, Security Law and Internet Law at the University of Passau.

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