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The Linguistic Atlas of Bavaria Learns to Talk

The Linguistic Atlas of Bavaria Learns to TalkThe Linguistic Atlas of Bavaria Learns to TalkThe Linguistic Atlas of Bavaria Learns to Talk

Scherzl, Ränftlein, Knörzlein – three different words from three different regions for the end of a loaf of bread: The Linguistic Atlas of Bavaria turns the diversity of dialects in the region into a multimedia experience – also with the help of audio samples. The atlas is based on material from six linguistic atlases.

In a joint initiative of the University of Passau and Bayerische Landesbibliothek (BLO), the online Bavarian Linguistic Atlas is fed with data and maps from the CD-ROMs Sprechender Sprachatlas von Niederbayern (SNIB) and Sprechender Sprachatlas Bayerischer Wald und Böhmerwald (SBuB), which were released by the University of Passau in 2004 and 2007. A separate online linguistic atlas is available for Lower Bavaria and the neighbouring Böhmerwald.

Interactive Linguistic Map

Both CD-ROMs document dialect samples from different locations in the respective regions and provide an account of the methods used to turn the dialectal diversity in our region into a multimedia experience. The dialect samples were obtained from sources who were recorded on digital tape answering a catalogue of questions. The recordings were made by the explorers of the linguistic atlases for Lower Bavaria and Böhmerwald in the years 1998 to 2000 and 2004 to 2005. They were compiled and scientifically evaluated over a period of several years by the Chair of German Language at the University of Passau in various language geography projects.

Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (BSB) has made the audio files accessible to the public and will be ensuring their long-term preservation in its archives at the same time. All these efforts have resulted in an interactive linguistic map for all users: Select any recordings and places from the lists that you would like to listen to, move the cursor across the map and click on any of the buttons. Once you have clicked the button of your choice, a tiny local flag unfurls and the selected recording is played.

Principal Investigator(s) at the University Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Harnisch (Lehrstuhl für Deutsche Sprachwissenschaft)
Project period 01.01.2009 - 31.12.2014
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